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        Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

        At Eversource, we are proud to be recognized as one of the greenest energy companies in the nation. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is an important component of our vision for how we conduct our business today and for future generations.

        As a key catalyst for clean energy, we partner with like-minded companies and stakeholders to conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way, providing the best solutions for our customers and the communities we serve.

        If you'd prefer, this information is also available in PDF format.

        Climate Leadership

        We have developed meaningful strategies to reduce our carbon footprint.

        • We are proud to be recognized as a leader in energy efficiency, helping our customers use less energy and save money while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
        • We are a founding partner of the EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge Program, and have committed to specific targets to reduce fugitive emissions from our natural gas system and improve air quality.
        • Our Eversource Energy Center is a unique partnership with the University of Connecticut and Plymouth State University to solve real world challenges for our customers where weather, climate, and energy intersect.
        • We collaborate with other utilities and industry partners across the country to better understand storm hazards and develop solutions to improve our system reliability. Our employees are committed to ensuring our comprehensive emergency preparedness and resiliency plans keep our communities safe.
        • We lead by example, operating Eversource facilities and fleet in a sustainable, responsible manner. 

        Clean Energy

        windmill-2As New England's largest utility and dedicated stewards for the environment, we are committed to bringing more clean, affordable and sustainable energy to the region.

        • We are a driving force to bring cleaner energy into the region with projects like Northern Pass, Bay State Wind, and Access Northeast. We are presently building significant solar projects across the region to further enhance this effort.
        • We are working to become the energy company of the future by modernizing the grid and utilizing the latest engineering advances, including electric vehicle infrastructure and energy storage systems, for the benefit of customers.
        • We are focused on improving the efficiency of our electric and gas distribution systems, preparing for the innovation and opportunity that clean energy advancements will create, and providing customers with ways to manage their energy use.


        We hold ourselves accountable for the impact our business might have on the environment, meeting, and in many cases exceeding, all environmental laws and regulatory commitments and requirements.

        • We actively work with customers, community members, environmental groups, regulatory agencies, and civic and business partners to promote transparent operations.
        • Our employees, as well as vendors, suppliers, and contractors, are expected to adhere to all environmental laws as stated in our Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct and RFP process. We are committed to tracking and monitoring our progress via a set of metrics, which receives regular executive leadership review.
        • We work every day to ensure that our operations have minimal impact on the environment, including project permitting, spill response, and emissions reporting.
        • We are a key catalyst in a low carbon future, reporting carbon emissions to the CDP (formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project) annually and summarizing all of our sustainability efforts in an annual sustainability report which is publicly available on Eversource.com.


        At Eversource, we value our native resources and take great care to promote conservation and manage natural and cultural resources.

        • We dedicate professional resources to maintain the integrity and long-term vitality of the land we manage. Examples include the Eversource Land Trust, which was created to promote the preservation of open space, and our focus on rights-of-way maintenance practices that promote critical diverse habitats.
        • Our partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation works to restore and sustain wetlands, healthy forests and rivers, and also supports the New England Forests and Rivers Fund which provides habitats for diverse native bird and freshwater fish populations.
        • Our vegetation management program is an industry best-practice plan to balance the needs of our customers and communities with the goal of providing safe, reliable electric service for our customers, while monitoring growth of trees around power lines.
        • We partner with state Historic Preservation and Tribal Historic Preservation offices to identify and protect cultural resources of significance during construction projects.